Buffy stars in: Dog talks to bird. Bird does not listen.

A little sparrow landed in our garden to make use of the little pond, to drink and perhaps wash up a bit. After a little while, Buffy noticed it and tried to find out what it was, having never seen a bird this close. Of course, the bird did not wait to see if Buffy was coming over in peace or to have a snack and flew to the nearest tree branch. There it remained for at least an hour, while Buffy did everything in her power to get closer to the bird. It was very funny to watch, Buffy made the funniest and weirdest sounds, as if she was trying to talk the bird of the branch. After a while, we got worried that this might not affect the birds health positively, so we told Buffy to at least stop barking. This took some convincing, but with the help of a little water gun Buffy sat down and stared at the bird in silence. In the end, the bird flew away when Buffy went inside to eat. You can find the video here:

First video on LiydeTV!

So, I finally uploaded the first video on LiydeTV! It’s a short video of a baby that keeps cracking up about a deflating balloon. He has the most contagious laughter, so his dad keeps inflating and deflating the balloon.

You can find it right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bdxwcg61PQA